“Nature is everywhere, we just need to learn to see it” – Emma Marris

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“Given that cities are human creations, spontaneous plants have become the defacto native vegetation of the city” – Peter Del Tredici

“Weeds thrive in the company of humans. They aren’t parasites, because they can exist without us, but we are their natural ecological partners, the species alongside which they do best.” – Richard Mabey

“If we want future generations to care about the most pristine wildest of wild, then they have to feel it between their toes on their doorstep first.” – Daniel Raven-Ellison

“Leave part of the yard rough. Don’t manicure everything. Small children in particular love to turn over rocks and find bugs, and give them some space to do that.” – Richard Louv

“Humanity’s prospects for developing a positive presence on Earth depend on inclusion, rather than exclusion, synergy rather than simplification. There are no evil plants, just dysfunctional human designs.” – Ben Falk

“Ik droom van plantsoenen, waar het publiek, oud en jong, onwetend en ingewijd, het hele jaar door gemakkelijk getuige kan zijn van wat in de loop der seizoenen, te beginnen met 1 januari en te eindigen met 31 december, op het gebied van onze inheemse planten- en dierenwereld te beleven valt.” – Dr. Jac. P. Thijsse

“As we have to travel ever farther to find untouched wilderness, we are beginning to realize that the expanding urban sprawl is perhaps not something to be depressed about, but rather something very exciting, as entirely novel forms of life are evolving right under our noses” – Menno Schilthuizen

“Drive Nature out with a pitchfork, she’ll come right back, Victorious over your ignorant confident scorn.” – Horace (21 v.C.)

“By now, more than half of all people live in cities; the same tendency appears to be true of flora and fauna.” – zoologist Josef H. Reichholf

Cities have fewer plants but more productive ones – Conservation